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The Best Family To-Go Drink Containers

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There’s no need to spend money on canned and bottled drinks when you’re on the road. And lets’ be honest – we’re all busy and everyone gets thirsty. We’re always looking for the perfect reusable options. I’ve got a few suggestions which the family took to go for a few weeks – here’s our take on our favorites, all by Precidio.

Drink in the Box

For kids, the Drink in the Box is an easy-to-carry, easy-to-clean kid-friendly option. I prefer they drink water, so this 12 oz. box keeps them well hydrated.

drink in a box 2

For kids, there’s nothing easier than a juice box. Their shape makes it simple for little ones to hold with two hands. But you don’t always want juice on the go or the hassle of inserting the straw – not to mention kids can drink a lot of them ($$$). Ask me how I know! We refill our Drink in the Box with water while we’re out and about – the tight seal makes it spillproof! If your kids want some flavor, add some fruit to create their own infused water beverage. Cleanup is easy – they are top-rack dishwasher safe. Keep a slim straw brush to clean it out especially if you’re adding fruit.

drink in a box 1

Multi Flask 7-in-1 Travel Beverage System

This one is all mine. The Multi Flask beverage system may say 7 in 1, but it’s more like 7 in 2 – you get two tumblers and different options for both. What it means is that if you currently have different containers taking up space for all your different to-go beverages, you can simplify your cabinets by just having this system on hand. And since I survive with limited cabinet space, this is a win for me.

multiflask 1

Now you’ve got all the parts you need for:

  • 1) Hot Coffee Traveler
  • 2) Hot Tea Traveler
  • 3) Cold Thermal Bottle
  • 4) Protein Shaker/Smoothie Bottle with Shake Agitator
  • 5) 23 oz Water Bottle
  • 6) Infuser Bottle
  • 7) Cold Brew Coffee Bottle with Brew Filter Basket
multiflask parts coffee tea infused water smoothies

This is the first diffused water container I’ve had and it’s become a go-to. I’ve tried it with fresh fruit and also used some of my frozen fruit which serves double duty as ice as well. Dishwasher safe, it’s the ideal way to enjoy all your beverages on the go.

infused water multiflask

Kafe in the Box

Here’s your opportunity to fit a square box in a round hole. I take my coffee to go every day. I take an 8 oz cup, mix up my bulletproof coffee, and head out to work. I have too many mugs, but not enough travel mugs. And the lids for those I have don’t stay on too well and the sip hole leads to some dribbles. Which is NOT the way to start the day.

kafe in a box 2

Not only is Kafe in the Box reusable, but there are no dribbles and the lid is a tight seal. Oh and even though it’s a square shape, it fits in your car drink holders. If you frequent the “S’bucks”, have them fill this – you can get a 12 oz or 16 oz, which equates to a tall or grande.

Happy travels and keep hydrated!

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