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Spring Has Sprung Desktop Background

Spring Has Sprung Desktop Background

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My mom used to say to me (and I have no idea why I remember this):

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Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’, I wonder where the birdie is?

The birdie’s on the wing.

That’s absurd — the wing is on the bird.





So I looked it up to see where it came from. Apparently no one knows.

“While frequently attributed to Ogden Nash or ee cummings the author of this amusing nonsense – known as “Spring In The Bronx” – is Anonymous.”

“Some people mention Spike Milligan as the possible author, but it seems far more likely that he simply heard it, liked it, and repeated it. He certainly didn’t declaim it with a Bronx accent.”

OK picture me saying it with a Bronx accent then.

Either way, it’s time to break out the spring decor! Download free for personal use!

Enjoy this Spring Desktop Background — it’s been a long winter, so you deserve something pretty!

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