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KidsFest at Kings Dominion 2017

KidsFest at Kings Dominion 2017

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It’s KidsFest time again at Virginia’s premier amusement park, Kings Dominion, June 10-11 & 17-18. Of course every day with kids at KD is the best day ever, but KidsFest weekends take fun to a new level. We’re season pass holders so we’re at the park a lot, and the KidsFest days are all about Beck. Because KIDS. And pricing through June 30 is set so everyone can pay kids’ prices (even grandparents like me!), so you can take the whole family… or just get season passes like we did to enjoy all summer (and some fall weekends) this year.

There’s so much to experience at KidsFest with crafts, magic and animal shows, and this year, Lego Brick Fest Live – but chances are you’ll find Beck chasing bubbles. It’s his favorite thing to do!

Why is KD so great for kids? Maybe it is all the fun events like KidsFest for obvious reasons. Maybe it’s Planet Snoopy, a park dedicated to the littles with new rides this year – Peanuts 500, Kite Eating Tree, and Sally’s Sea Plane.

Or maybe – yeah, just maybe it’s because kids can do things at KD that typically grownups NEVER LET THEM DO IRL.

Like eat whatever they want for dinner.

“I’m pretty sure it’s fruit flavored so it’s gotta be healthy!”

Like climb a tree. A TALL tree!

“I’m holding on tight so the tree doesn’t fall over.”


“Did you see me ram my car into that guy over there? Wasn’t that awesome?!”

Like ride in – no, PILOT a rocket ship.

“Do I look like I’m afraid of heights?”

Like talk to the dinosaurs. NBD.

“How YOU doin’ today?”

Like teach their friends their best dance moves in front of a live audience.

“I think they’re getting ’em!”

I can go on and on….

Check out the KD site for more details and the full list of events. And if you are an early riser or just like breakfast (doesn’t everyone?), there’s even a Peanuts Character Breakfast on the 10th and 17th! Buy your tickets on the KD site.

Disclosure: Eating cotton candy for dinner is totally Gigi’s idea and one of the hundred unwritten rules of being a grandparent. Sorry not sorry. This post was sponsored by Blog Meets Brand and Cedar Fair – but if you’ve ever seen my social media posts, you know Kings Dominion is totally our jam! 

Sharing is caring!

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Sandy James

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

hes adorable!! looks like such a fun place. wish we lived closer!


Thursday 22nd of June 2017

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Beth Ann Wilson

Wednesday 7th of June 2017

He's having so much fun! And what a dancer. I'll cross my fingers for good weather for you this weekend!

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