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Inspirational Printables and DIY Tile Coasters

Inspirational Printables and DIY Tile Coasters

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Printables are great to frame. They make cool desktop or phone backgrounds. But they are also great to use for crafts. Have you ever worked with basic tiles to make coasters? The tiles themselves are so inexpensive, that you can make great personalized gifts or home decor for next to nothing. And who doesn’t love inexpensive crafts?


I’ve created 8 simple inspirational quotes that you can have printed at your local print shop. These are a charcoal grey background, so I probably wouldn’t print them at home unless you have a cheap supply of black ink.

inspirational printable download free

Download them here- you get all 8 in a zip file. They are for personal use only!

You’ll just need a few simple supplies – stuff you may have around the house (tutorials below).


Print the inspirational quotes below and you’re on your way! And if you aren’t into DIY, these printables are sized for Zazzle so you can buy them there.

If you ARE into DIY, this post will give you the 411 on creating your tiles. Sarah has some Disney inpspired coasters that I just might need to try!

My friend Michelle shows you how to make the coasters with photos too. I think it would be  cool to mix and match messages and photos for a coaster gift set!

Let me know if you try to make them – or if you print and frame them! I love to hear stories from those who’ve enjoyed my printables!

Sharing is caring!

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