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Learning about Finances with Genworth Financial

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Genworth Financial – Learning about Finances


Single Teen Mom trying to get through college. That’s a deadly combination, don’t you agree? This is especially true when it comes to money, which I’ve never been good at managing.

I was fortunate enough to have whatever I needed handed to me; private schools, nice public schools that seemed like private schools, nice clothes, nice cars, comfortable house, and of course my sport of choice- horses. I myself was awful with money. But there is something to be said for hitting the growing up phase. I got my first job when I was 18. I was already in school, and just moved home to transfer colleges and was living “on my own” with my brother. By “on my own,” I mean my parents helped with rent and bills, but a large part of my living expenses were all paid by me and my $400 a month paycheck.

Its was very difficult transition- to go from being able to go to the mall to buy a cute top whenever I felt like it to having to earn that money myself, and then decide: “is it worth it? Or should I buy groceries instead?” All I can say is I had to learn the hard way to live with what I had and be happy with it. I’m still learning. I don’t think one ever can fully make that transition – unless you have to.

This April I found out that I was (then) 5 weeks pregnant. I was dating the father at the time and of course the argument arose that I couldn’t afford a baby. It was true. $400 a month isn’t nearly enough to support myself and the baby. Now my dilemma went from “can I go to school, or do I buy diapers?” Things get worse when I had to quit my job because I was so sick.

I now had no real source of income and had to go back to mom for help. I loved my semi-independent life and wanted to be fully independent, but it wasn’t realistic for the time being. I had to  need to learn how to budget better. I wish I had found this article on managing your finances with your first job sooner.

Genworth Financial lists some great articles sorted by need (where I found my article), and I’ll be sure to hit up the other categories, which include teaching kids about money, so my son might be a little smarter than I was. They compiled a list of resources that are available to use that can help you with enriching your financial knowledge.

Life insurance is not something I thought about.  But having a baby, I know I need to be prepared so he’s not left alone should something happen.  There are so many things to think about as a single mom – not just diapers and cribs.  Real life has hit me and I’m glad Genworth is there.

So go read, go learn, and may your wallet stay plump.


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Anne - Mommy Has to Work

Friday 12th of October 2012

It's hard to get the hang of working, being a parent and paying your bills! Good luck in your journey!

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