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Affordable Commercial Fonts at

In creating my printables, the fonts I choose are everything. That means it’s imperative that I find the right font in the right weight – wide, condensed, bold, thin, italic – there is so much to consider. And you want to find ones that are affordable. There are so many free options out there and it’s …

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Sharknado 2 Survival Kit

If you caught Sharknado 2 tonight you know that it’s happened again. And so it could happen a third time. And next time it might be YOUR city. Take note and keep these survival items on hand for the third tornado with teeth. I mean no need to make it up as you go along. …

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Quotes For Mother’s Day – May Inspiration

Enjoy these inspirational quotes for women -in particular MOTHERS day quotes. It will soon be the day devoted to Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there. You know who you are – I mean how could you forget. Enjoy these inspirational quotes about children and mothers – and in particular boys and …

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