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Best Airport Keto Travel Snacks

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Are you traveling keto, trying to stay low carb while away? Venues are upping their game on the healthy snack options they offer making it much easier to stay low carb. Whether traveling for work or for fun, there are some amazing options for keto snacks on the go.

  • You may be rushed and can’t pack snacks before you head out the door.
  • Your flight is delayed.
  • Maybe you are just hangry!

The best way to maintain keto while traveling is to plan ahead. It’s important to review what options your airport may have for snacks and look into the various restaurants at your destination that offer keto snack options on their menu.

Planning your meals before leaving for vacation or a business trip is the first essential tip to maintain keto while traveling. Today I’m focused on traveling keto snacks, but it’s important to focus on all meal options that provide you with ample selections to maintain your keto diet during travel excursions.

traveling low carb keto airport snacks pin

Are beef sticks Keto-friendly?

We have a few of our favorite options for keto travel snacks that include beef sticks. I know growing up I mostly saw Slim Jims as the biggest beef stick option available, but that’s not how our world works now.

Today you’ll find many new meat stick options and some are Vegan-friendly too!

dukes smoked shorty sausages

We haven’t tried Vermont Minis, but they’re a fabulous beef stick travel snack option for those on keto. We’ve enjoyed snacking on Duke’s mini sausages during our travel time to help ensure we can snack on keto during our long layover hours or travel time to and from our vacation destination.

vermont minis original beef pork sticks

If you’ve tried Vermont Minis, do let us know what you think! I’m curious to find out if other people traveling keto enjoy this beef stick snack option.

What nuts can you eat on the keto diet?

Many keto travel snacks feature your favorite nuts. Yes, you can eat nuts on the keto diet. Some of the more popular nut options for keto snackers include almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts.

The list of nuts you can eat on the keto diet is quite extensive. The key is to try to eat the most natural low-carb nut options so read those ingredients on each of your keto travel snacks packages.

box of almonds

We enjoyed our Amazon Almond package from The Traveler’s Best brand during our time traveling on keto.

The almonds are delicious and the package is large enough to share if you’re feeling up to sharing your keto travel snacks with someone else.

Which cheese is best for keto diet?

Cheese is one of those things I crave quite often, and yes you can enjoy cheese as a keto travel snack during your time away from home. Many airport snack shops and local convenience stores carry a wide range of keto-friendly travel snacks like cheese sticks and cheese squares.

kraft and cracker barrel cheese sticks

I know that we often grab a cheese stick whenever we’re dealing with a long drive in between airports or have to deal with a layover during our travel plans.

You can enjoy a variety of cheese on keto, some options include mozzarella and cheddar cheese, which are two popular cheese stick options in snack shops!

What snacks can I eat on keto?

During your time traveling away from home and looking for a keto travel snack to keep those hunger pains down you may wonder what snacks you can eat on keto.

We found some savory keto snack ideas that are often found at an airport snack shop or local convenience store during your travel time.

black olives single serve

From time to time we’ve found savory black olives prepackaged for your keto snacking pleasure! There may be a limited number of sugar-free olive snack options, the key is to read the back of the package for ingredients whenever you’re looking for a savory keto snack option during travel.

Some airports may have a salad bar set up where you can easily grab a few keto snacks such as fresh olives or other favorite salad bar options for a quick bite to eat in between flights.

In conclusion, it’s always best to eat a full keto meal before traveling and prepare yourself to maintain keto while traveling by packing your own snacks from home.

If you’ve found that you didn’t’ quite prepare fully for the length of time it takes to get to your vacation destination, have no fear, we’ve featured our favorite keto travel snacks today that are easily found in most destinations and airports in pretty much any USA destination you travel to. 

nuts and beef sticks keto snacks in airports

Make ahead keto snacks

Here are some great awesome snack ideas to make ahead and take on-the-go. Take your keto with you - no need to leave it behind on trips or vacations!

Share your favorite snack food brands in the comments! What do you take on a trip with you?

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