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Jamaican Jerk – Scotchies

When in Jamaica we had the opportunity to go to Scotchies restaurant. It was one of the local flavor restaurants we went to and it’s a must visit if you go to the Island We went to the back to see how the meats are cooked. Chicken and pork here – (we also tried fish.), …

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Fruit and Wine Spritzer

Ever since my daughter found La Croix lime spritzer, I’ve been dying to try a cocktail recipe. It’s cocktail hour! white wine fruit juice spritzer Sometimes straight wine is a bit too much for me and I like to lighten it up with seltzer to make a spritzer.  Add a little fruit juice and you …

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Nickelodeon Takes On Cyberbullying

Nickelodeon and Cyberbullying…. You may start to notice a series of on air public service messages on Nickelodeon to raise awareness of cyberbullying, a threat facing so many kids today. Some of the popular Nick stars will offer advice on what our kids should do when confronted with hostile texts, emails or Facebook posts. In …

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