I do product reviews from time to time but only for products that I think I might like.

I do do a weekly giveaway and don’t combine with a review. I know that tons of bloggers think that’s crazy but It’s My Blog I Can Do What I Want – HENCE THE ACRONYM IMBICDWIW.

So PR / Companies, send me your product giveaway suggestions and I’l work you into the rotation. lindasellersblog@gmail.com
Ok, nothing’s rotating, but I’ll put you on the calendar.
Well not really a calendar, I’ll get to it when I can.

I don’t ship anything to winners. Even coupons – I mean what if they got a paper cut and sued me? That’s up to you. Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Like my new Personal Page – you’ll find all blogging “stuff” shared here!

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