What do you want to know about essential oils? There’s so much info to share that there’s no way I can fit it on one page! For our family, essential oils are about living a healthier life, body and home. – we’re talking chemical-free living, emotional balance, and all around wellbeing. Also our house smells amazing all the time!

To enroll with the Oily Families community, visit the YL site and make sure the number 12968669 pre-filled in the Enroller and Sponsor ID fields (that’s me!) Sign up as a Wholesale Member to get 24% off retail prices. This does not mean you have to sell anything (really!), but does give you access to purchase the starter kit ($300 worth of product for $160) and gives you the ability to earn rewards (earn free product, wut??) through their Essential Rewards program.

Wholesale membership is similar to Costco or Sam’s Club – except that there’s no annual renewal or oversized shopping cart to push through the crowds. As long as you spend around $50 every year you keep that 24% membership discount.

I also have a $25 rebate offer for blog readers. That’s you! Once you enroll under my referral code, email me at lindasellersblog @ gmail . com and I will send you either $25 at Amazon or a Visa e-card – along with some other Welcome goodies! The Amazon GC is great to buy your oily supplies like roller balls and name stickers! (this is not a Young Living promo, and is only available when you sign up here)

When you sign up as a wholesale member, you can join the group on facebook giving you a ton of help from a whole community of oil lovers and help you get the most out of your oils.  You’ll have access to classes, diffuser recipes, food recipes, wellness tips – it goes on and on! If you want to share oils and make this a business, we can help you with that too!


Why Young Living oils?

What do I get in my kit?
The Premium Starter Kit … well a picture is worth 1000 words, right?

Do I have to buy more oils?
Nope! You can sign up just to get your kit.

  • There are no monthly or renewal fees.
  • Purchase just $50 of product per year to keep the 24% discount.
  • You aren’t required to sell anything – ever.

But don’t’ be surprised if you get so excited you want to try more products!

Sponsor and Enroller ID Number 12968669

It’s the sick season! Yikes! You need a coat, gloves, hat and Young Living!


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