I don’t know how many there are on the list – 50ish?.  I don’t know how I’ll make them happen.  Seemed like a fun exercise one night to see how many things I could name.  Might need some tweaking.  A few things seemed like a good idea at the time but now are kinda “meh”.

Here they are in no particular order except the first one :)

visit the Reagan Library

photograph and walk the Brooklyn Bridge

work in a factory (close – I got to throw shoes on the Lands’ End assembly line)

go whale watching

hear one of the Beatles sing live

make pasta from scratch

visit and photograph a winery or 10

photograph the Blue Ridge Mountains in fall

stand on the Great Wall of China

start a philanthropic group that makes a difference a day in someone’s life

publish a cookbook of shortcut recipes

streak my hair pink

photograph a safari

cruise to anywhere

go fly fishing

go to every show on Broadway in a year

photograph a birth

be on a reality tv show, even if it’s an extra in the background

make my own pickles like mom used to do

learn to do the Running Man

photograph the Space Needle

photograph Mount Rushmore

drive a Mazaradi

win a recipe contest

stand in 4 states at one time

cliffdive (small cliff please)

visit an ice bar

trot and canter

see the white cliffs of Dover

dinosaur dig

photograph the Grand Canyon

photograph the Eiffel Tower

photograph the Brooklyn Bridge

photograph the Golden Gate Bridge

see Alcatraz

go to a summer Olympics

drive across the country

sew my own curtains

invent and patent something

photograph 200 different animals

photograph 200 different flowers

help the Red Cross with a disaster

design my own dishes

step foot in all 50 states (11)

sail the Chesapeake Bay again

do the weather in front of a green screen

photograph the St. Louis arch

ride on and photograph a Steamboat on the Mississippi

photograph the Space Needle

see Central Park

get real Cowboy boots

meet Glenn Beck

meet Dana Carvey

meet George Bush

meet Elton John

meet Valerie Bertinelli

meet the cast of Days of our Lives

photograph the Richmond monuments

photograph the sunset over the ocean

photograph the sunrise over the ocean

give away a car

meet Will Farrell

spontaneously buy someone’s groceries

meet Barbra Jean

be in a flashmob

meet Molly Shannon (talked to her on the phone)

photograph a wedding (close)

meet Steve Carell

ride the segway

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