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San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup Single Serve

San Francisco Bay Coffee

I love love love my Keurig 2.0 (I’ve got the 450 – affiliate). But my biggest complaint with K-Cups over the years is that 1. they are expensive and 2. they make a weaker cup of coffee. Even on the Strong setting, I’m not getting enough of a hit in the morning. That changed when […] Read more…

The Beer Pyramid

beer pyramid 640

So this is what happens during the blizzard of 2016. I get on Picmonkey and make stuff. I did not stock up on beer or wine since Maggie’s doing the Whole 30, and I thought that it might be tough on her to be stranded in a house with so much temptation. So while everyone’s Whole […] Read more…

Inspired by Food and Beverage

party wihtout cake meeting small

I don’t cook much, but I’m not a bad cook. I just prefer to NOT cook and with so many options today (such as living with a daughter who enjoys cooking!) I’m not stressing about it. Many people find inspiration in food and beverage and cooking. So what better way to capture that than quotes […] Read more…

K-Cups for Less – Tips to Find the Best Deals

pay less for kcups

We’ve been back and forth over the years on coffee makers. But before Christmas, we found a great deal on a Keurig at Sam’s Club and decided to ditch the pot for the single serve. And that started the quest for the best deal on K-Cups. If you’ve ever priced them, they are all over […] Read more…

Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies

funfetti cake mix cookies 640

Last week was a big week for Beck. He switched schools – leaving the daycare he’d attended since he was a baby to attend one closer to our home and Maggie’s work. So how do you celebrate such a big event? With Beck’s favorite activities – bike riding and cookie baking! We kept the cookie […] Read more…

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