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Try Harvest Snaps – they are Pea-rfect!

harvest snaps


Feeling like I won the healthy lottery with these pea-ps.

I’m talking Harvest Snaps.

Lentil me tell you about it.

Even Elmo agrees ….

thumbs up elmo


What are Harvest Snaps and why is Elmo so happy?

  • The taste, the texture, the convenient, guilt-free snack
  • The Black Pepper and Onion Thyme – his favorite flavors
  • The fact that they are baked, gluten-free, high in fiber and protein, low in sodium and fat
  • And just the right amount of crunch. He’s got to take on Cookie Monster!

Beck likes them too. He basically snapped at the mere mention of a healthy snack until we shared them with him. The flavors were a tad stronger than he’s used to, but he did enjoy them. If you have a picky eater it’s worth testing them out. And they are nice party snacks too – especially since they are a bit of a surprise when you bite them for the first time.

Check them out on Facebook and check out the videos for the Pod Squad.

Want to try even more flavors? Pea-riffic.

Here they are:

The Snapea Crisps are available in four different varieties: Lightly Salted, Caesar, Black Pepper and Wasabi Ranch. Lentil Snaps’ Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme flavors.

Will you try them? “Yes PEAS!” We’ve been snap-snacking on them for a few weeks now. They’ll be a fixture in our pea-ntry.

(I’ll stop now, I promise)

This post was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps. I have been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Lunch Ideas for Beck’s Chicken Allergy

Chicken Allergytoddler lunch

Beck’s chicken allergy has been a tough one because we ate A LOT of chicken pre-diagnosis and we had to quickly change our eating habits. It’s been particularly tough with daycare because chicken is always on the menu at some point during the week. So we are always looking for easy substitutes.

  • Lunch meat is an obvious and Beck loves his turkey and ham (we just tried Hillshire Farm Naturals – no preservatives or artificial flavors = win!).
  • Beck loves plain tuna. It’s an easy lunch alternative to chicken salad.
  • Veggie burgers (we love black bean burgers!) are great for days they serve chicken patties or chicken nuggets which let’s be honest is quite often.

Same goes for dinner. We keep these staples on hand for days we eat our chicken dinners. Easy peasy substitutey.

hillshire farm

And thanks to Hillshire Farm for sending us some sample of their new Naturals line. The only thing missing is the stuff that you don’t want your kids eating! Love the flavors – especially the ham. Check them out!

COOLIT Granny. No Really. COOLIT.

coolit bowl kids

Fresh out of the freezer. Yes you keep the dishes in the freezer.
It’s the COOLIT and it cools your food down so little bitties can eat right away. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe.

But really, this bowl will cool off food in no time. It’s a good thing because even though Granny is known as having a lot of hot hair and that’s not helping when she blows on Beck’s food.

food in the coolit
So we tried the COOLIT to see if it really worked. And you can’t see the steam coming off the food because I ran to the next room (forgot my camera – rookie blogger move, huh?) to get said camera and by the time I got back all steam was gone. Gone.

True story.

Let’s ask the important people what THEY think.
“Go ahead, try it Beck!”
beck coolit food

“How is it Beck?” Apparently fine. He’s wolfing it down.

beck penny coolit

It’s a winner winner pork chop dinner.

Here’s a little bit of info about the COOLIT.

What is it?
The COOLIT is a special cooling dish invented by the parents of two little impatient eaters who wreaked havoc on mealtime while waiting for their hot food to cool down. The COOLIT is designed with special non-toxic gel inside, kept in the freezer and then taken out at mealtime to properly cool a child’s hot food in less than a minute!

How does it work?
The COOLIT is kept in the freezer and once you’ve prepared your child’s hot meal, you remove the COOLIT, place the hot food in the bowl and stir for less than one minute. Almost instantly the food will be at perfect temperature for your little one. Transfer the cooled food to your child’s plate and start enjoying mealtime!

Tell me more!

  • Infused with non-toxic gel for rapid cooling
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • 2in x 8in – fits perfectly in a bag to bring along to restaurants too!

Thanks to COOLIT for the review product!

KFC Family Game Night with I SPY

My kids grew up on the I SPY games. We had all the books and they loved them. We also had a lot of chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. What do these have in common you ask?

Now KFC has partnered with I SPY to give you good food and good fun.  Because who doesn’t want to have fun with dinner? And we want chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and green beans. Obviously……

KFC game night i spy

Yes, obviously my family has eating on their mind first and foremost, but that’s OK – I’m learning to grab my plate first before their hands dive in. It’s only been 25 years.  More about KFC’s Game Night Bucket:

KFC’s Game Night Bucket includes a free I SPY game and bonus I SPY posters to allow families to enjoy time together over dinner. The beloved I SPY franchise has been engaging, educating and entertaining children and families around the world since the first I SPY book was published in 1991.

The KFC Game Night Bucket includes 12 of KFC’s famous Extra Crispy™ Tenders, four dipping sauces, four biscuits, two large side items and a free I SPY game, right on the bucket, for you to play during dinner! (For larger families, the Game Night Bucket is also available with 20 Extra Crispy Tenders.)

Also check out their site and try your luck at their online I SPY game!

I SPY some serious fun happening here!

Thanks to KFC for the opportunity to try their Game Night Bucket!


Father’s Day Fun Tips with GoGo squeeZ – Giveaway

gogo squeez activities Dad deserves a great Father’s Day. Well most dads do and I’m hoping yours is one. I mean for some men we know it’s “just another day” – but they don’t count. heh. Now your husband or dad? He’s all about today. He’s been waiting ALL YEAR FOR TODAY. Let’s find some ways to make it special for him. And these are great ideas to celebrate Dad year round. Check out these fun suggestions from GoGo squeeZ for some “get up and GoGo” (see what they did there) fun  this year:

  • Campfire time. Take Dad on a fun camping getaway! Be sure to pack fun snacks and games for the trip, and always make sure to leave your campsite cleaner than you found it before you ship out. Even if you can’t go far, a pretend backyard campsite can still fire up the kids.
  • Take a Hike! Summer is a great time to go hiking and a good way to discover wildlife and native plants in bloom. Check out a Wildlife or Nature Center in your area for the best hiking trails for spotting critters, flowers, and breathtaking views.
  • Go on a picnic… Pack a cooler and head out for a family picnic. Surprise Dad with his favorite dinner or dessert, and make sure to bring some activities for post-picnic fun.
  • Tap into his competitive side. Dads love a little friendly competition, so why not organize a dads vs. kids field day? Flag football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer are great games to play with family and friends. Stake out some space in your local park, or just take over the backyard!
  • Out on the open sea. Kayaking and canoeing are great ways to get active and enjoy the sunny weather. You can always find great deals on rentals at local lakes or rivers, and for some bonus fun, you can pack a “waterproof picnic” lunch to eat on the water: GoGo squeeZ pouches, raisins, and anything else the kids can dream up.

When you are busy having the time of your life it’s nice to have snacking easy so you can enjoy the day. We love GoGo squeeZ grab and gos. They are great for B and great for Mom and Granny too. And because Dad deserves a quick, healthy snack too, we’re giving away (4) 4packs of GoGo squeeZ. You hear me right! Just complete the Rafflecopter below and be entered to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Toddler Turkey & Veggie Loaves – Egg Free

Since Beck was identified with allergies, some of our favorite foods needed a re-think and a re-do. One of our favorite was the Turkey & Veggie meatloaves. Eggs are the problem now so we found a way to make them without.

toddler turkey veggie loaves egg free

In this case we used mashed potatoes (made without milk) and a little oil as a binding agent. They turned out great.


1 lb ground turkey

1 small bag of mixed frozen veggies

1/2 c mashed potatoes

1 T vegetable oil

1/2 c breadcrumbs

Cook the veggies according to the bag directions. We ran the veggies through the food processor to make sure they were soft enough. Then mix all ingredients thoroughly. Scoop up  small portions and place in cupcake pans (we sprayed them with PAM).  Bake about 35 minutes depending on the size of your muffins.

My Wonderful Wonder Bread Giveaway

I’m excited to be working with Wonder Bread in celebration of May as National Hamburger Month *throws confetti* on a giveaway of … you guessed it… bread. Lots of bread.

But I’m giving away coupons because I found out that bread does not ship easily. This is what I was sent that didn’t quite make it.

wonder bread shipping

Brings new meaning to the word FLATBREAD.

So when your bread is shipped to you flat, what are you gonna do? You turn lemons into lemonade. Or in this case bread into breadade.

You salvage any slices that aren’t mushed.

wonder sandwich

You take artistic photographs of those buns that don’t quite make it….

artistic buns


bun flower


You might even use these photographs to make inspirational quotes on a textured background.

baby ima want you lyrics

You may not be old enough to remember that song. I am. I’m almost as old as Wonder Bread.

Not really. Just feels that way.

Ok fans, thanks for humoring me. Here’s the dealio about the giveaway.

I have 20 FREE PRODUCT coupons and I’m giving away 4 sets of 5 coupons to 4 different people. Leave me a comment on the blog using the words WONDER and BREAD in the same sentence. I’ll choose 4 winners on the 5th of June and mail the 5 coupons to the 4 you. 

Open to US only.

Oh and HAI – check out my Norelco Shaver Giveaway as well!

*jazz hands – yes I received the squished bread and coupons but all mad photo skills, crazy photo manipulations and opinions are my own.

 Winners have been notified – via email from

Thanks for entering everyone!


Free Cake with your Meal at KFC Through May 25

kfc logo

May is kind of the perfect time for Mother’s Day. Mom has 4 months of the year under her belt and is about to enter the crazy summer schedule season. It’s a great opportunity to treat her to something awesome. Forget just one day – let’s make it a month of Mom because why not? KFC is giving Mom a break from dinner prep and offering a free family-sized cake (rich double chocolate chip or sweet lemon) with the purchase of a meal, through May 25. So you can have your KFC and eat cake too (see what I did there? no?)

I got to sample their NEW Lemon Cake. Not everyone is a chocolate person (so I’ve heard?), so here’s something for you. Mind you it’s sweet. But then so are you right?

Give it a try at your local KFC and treat Mom to something sweet this May!

lemon cake kfc


I got a free product to review, but opinions are still my own.


Bonefish Grill Review Richmond VA

bonefish grill restaurant review

I was invited to sample some of the new seafood favorites at Bonefish Grill. This was obviously a tough job, but someone had to do it and I didn’t want to do it alone. I mean food is made for sharing and sharing is caring.

So I invited my friend Anne from Midlife Boulevard who I care about very much – to join me. We don’t get enough time together, and what better way to spend an evening catching up than over a long drawn out dinner eating too much food.

First of all – the staff was fabulous. Our manager Donnelle was fun, funny and had a real appreciation of the restaurant and the care they put into their food. All fresh, seafood brought in that day – the prep work starts early in the morning to be ready for lunch and dinner.

Chelsea was our server and I wanted to take her home with me by the end of the evening. In fact all the servers were attentive and smiling. It’s a great place to take a family and so having servers who are on top of it makes all the difference. They know everything about the dishes and suggest wines for pairing.

The Short Pump location is right on Broad Street and easy to access by the parking deck. While I wouldn’t call it noisy, it’s not super quiet so you wouldn’t feel bad taking your crazy kids in for a dinner.

OK, on to the food because there are a lot of photos to come. The lighting was not the best for phone cameras, so some of the photos are not perfect. But yummy all the same.

Let’s start with the good stuff. We tried the Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini. Yes that’s a jalapeno pepper, but it wasn’t hot – maybe warm is a better word.

martini ocean trust tropic heat.jpg

Here are the specials that you’ll want to check out. We tried a few starting with the Lobster Stuffed Shrimp (the best but I don’t seem to have a photo)

bonefish specialty menu


Not on the specials menu but a must have if you go to Bonefish – the Ahi Tuna Appetizer – sesame seared, sliced with wasabi and pickled ginger. This was a specific must have from Chef Carlos who also visited our table to educate us about the restaurant.


bonefish tuna appetizer


Both Anne and I had never heard of let alone tried Bang Bang Shrimp.  Apparently we are the only people in the civilized world who have not. Well now we have and I can imagine picking up a few orders to go some night on my way home.

bonefish bang bang shrimp


We also tried the calamari – it was not chewy and a decent portion for a appetizer. Lots to share.

Next onto the entrees. Grilled Salmon with beans and garlic potatoes…

bonefish salmon

Pretzel Crusted Ahi Tuna Steak – melted in your mouth like butter. I loved the pretzel crust – I thought it added just the right flavor.

bonefish tuna


The Fontina Chop – a boneless pork chop with Fontina cheese, garlic, prosciutto & mushroom marsala wine sauce.

bonefish pork chop


And from the specials – the Sea Bass with a wonderful mango sauce. It was my favorite dish.

bonefish sea bass


We saved enough for dessert. Barely. Our favorite hands down? The coconut pie – made with a rum sauce. I really want to figure this one out because I could have taken a spoon to a whole pie and not been tired of it.

bonefish dessert