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Amazon is not just your shopping destination for all thing you need all the time – it’s a company that gives back. That’s one of the reasons we shop there so frequently and use all of their services from Amazon Fire TV to Amazon Music to our multiple Echos to the Amazon Fire Kids tablet to shopping for all my Keto dietary needs.

Now they are working with Toys for Tots giving customers the option to easily and effortlessly donate a toy to a child in need. You simply say “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots.” and you can donate a toy with Amazon matching customer donations –  through the end of the year!

Can you say amazing?

Check out this short video about the program. 

It’s super simple. We just tried it.

Once you ask Alexa to donate a toy to Toys for Tots, you’ll receive an email with a link to pick out your toy.


That takes you to the website where you’ll be directed to confirm your charity and select a toy. We picked the Minnie Mouse because obviously.

Check out by choosing the Toys for Tots shipping address.

Then make your purchase. I was able to choose No-Rush Shipping option so I get a $5 credit on my next Prime Now order. Which will probably happen tonight TBH.

There’s a reason we’re Prime for life. Feel good this holiday season and let Amazon help.


Sharing is caring!

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