What do you do with a huge bag of freshly picked apples? Everything! Fall is the season and apples are the reason. I could go on and on, but I’m getting hungry :) This was the haul from last weekend. We’re quickly working through the bag.

This dish is a Whole30 compliant meal using only 4 ingredients! We both work and need to fix dinner quickly, but we also need to make the 5 year old happy by serving something that is nutritious but hits his taste buds too – because he’d eat PBJ 3 meals a day if we let him. Not that it happens… ever… or often… Anywhooo….

Our Favorite Sausage

Here’s our favorite quick fix sheet pan recipe. We’re huge fans of Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausage. We eat it for breakfast (it’s great sauteed with eggs), lunch or dinner. What we love about it most is that there’s no sugar added, which is why it’s a must-have for Whole 30 / Keto eating. Did you know sausages may have sugar added? It’s not something you necessarily think of, but you will want to check the labels.

Sheet Pan Meals Make it Easy

Sheet pan meals start with obviously, the sheet pan. We line ours with foil and spread a little oil to keep the food from sticking. We’ve lined the food up here for measuring purposes, but you can just mix it up. Apples, sausage and carrots all really compliment each other.

If you are working with a dense veggie like thick carrots, you may want to steam them a little first so they aren’t too hard. Or slice them so they cook through quicker. We’ve seasoned this meal with only cinnamon. It didn’t need anything else!

Once baked, it’s ready to serve – if it makes it onto the plate. The apples are my favorite part of this meal. And it’s sweet all around, but naturally sweet. If it’s too much sweet for you, substitute the carrots for green beans. It only takes about 35-40 minutes to cook.

Serve it up and enjoy. It’s best served fresh. Some dinners are better as leftovers, but we find this one is best hot out of the oven.


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