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Now that you are drooling, let me tell you about these brownies!

They are a sugar free mix by Diabetic Kitchen, and just like the donut mix that I raved about, this mix is available on Amazon. Was I expecting to like them? Yes. Did I? OMG YES! Like the donuts you have to like the Stevia taste, or this will be a little off for you (I’m not a huge fan of Stevia, but can tolerate it). The chocolate richness is visible in the photos and there in every bite.

It all sounds great. What’s the downside? Like a box mix, this container makes one 8×8 or 9×9 pan. Mine look thin b/c we didn’t have a square pan clean and used our 13×9. I just baked them for a shorter period of time – about 30 minutes. The price is a little high for a box mix, but if you really really really want great tasting and easy to make brownies, I’d say this is a good splurge.

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Do you cut your brownies with a pizza cutter? I’m about to switch it up and say we cut our pizza with a brownie cutter! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this sooner.

The mix gets an “A” from me – no A+ because of the Stevia taste, but I’d buy them (and will) again.

Almost everything you need to make this is right here! Just add eggs and butter!

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