I know a lot of people who use and love essential oils like lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus – I call those the gateway oils. There are so many more oils out there that you can use to support a healthier you, and I want to share how I use my Young Living (YL) oils every day. I’ll also say this is a work in progress and will probably change from time to time as I discover new oils that become my new favorites – but currently this is what I use and how I use them.

Let me start by saying that in general, I feel more grounded and have more energy since I’ve been using Young Living oils. We diffuse them several times a day – typically morning and evening – and have a lot of fun trying different diffuser blends.. There are some that are a part of my every day. What I want to share here is my personal wellness kit that goes with me everywhere.

Cute bag not necessary but sure does make it fun.

My Helpers:

(1) Panaway, Copaiba blend: My “Ouchie” blend. I combine both oils with coconut oil. I might apply a little to my jaw area, in front of and behind the ears in the morning, on my feet after a day at the theme park or on my muscles after a workout. I have this in a jar mixed with coconut oil that I keep by my bed and in a roller ball blend as well, which is what goes with me wherever I go to support my muscles and joints.

(2) Peace & Calming and Clarity: This is the PC&CS roller ball in the photo. I use these two YL blends together for – you guessed it – Peace & Calming and Clarity (I add coconut oil to dilute it). I’ll roll this on my wrists about 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon instead of heading to the coffee machine and grabbing a stress snack.

(3) Lemongrass: I apply this (with coconut oil in the roller ball) to my ankles, usually morning and evening.

(4) Grapefruit Vitality: I add a drop or two in my water for weight management.

My Immune Support:

(5) Cinnamon and Clove: I use a drop of Clove Vitality and Cinnamon Bark Vitality in my greek yogurt. I love the taste. I have this in a roller blend with coconut oil as well that I apply over my pancreas and to reflexology points for the pancreas on the bottoms of my feet. Added benefit of smelling like a cookie :)

(6) Thieves and Frankincense: What I love about Young Living is that I now know how to spell Frankincense. :D I use these two oils every day in a roller ball blend with coconut oil, first thing in the morning and anytime I want an extra wellness boost, especially in the winter months. In fact I just stopped writing and rolled some more on because we mentioned it.

Emotional Support

(7) Stress Away: What can I say? I use this daily, several times a day for emotional support. I have a roller ball on the bottle and apply it “neat” (which means directly on the skin).

(8) Lavender: I use my JustLav roller ball (with coconut oil added in, but not necessary) before bed. I put it on the bottoms of my feet and on my cheeks around my jaw area.

And this is just my every day. Other faves that I use on occasion – I like to add in orange vitality in my water (energy boost!), NingXia Red as a immune boost, and Digize when I’ve eaten too much or had a greasy meal.

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Join me on my wellness journey!

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