When you think of Essential Oils you typically think of aromatherapy or massage. Until I got a Young Living membership, I had never imagined that you could cook with them. And I certainly didn’t think the flavors would be so perfect.

Young Living’s Vitality line includes citrus, spices, herbs and a few oil blends. I use them in dishes like sweet potato casseroles, roasted brussel sprouts and smoothies.

Why cook with Vitality oils?

  • One drop goes a long way. Each 5ml Vitality bottle contains over 80 drops and for most recipes 1-2 drops is enough.
  • No prep work or cleanup! Think of all the spices you don’t have to chop anymore.
  • Saves space in the kitchen. Great for small apartments.
  • No shopping for fresh ingredients that have to be used before they go bad
  • You can diffuse them too. Vitality oils are the same oils as in the regular bottles and work the same way applied topically or diffused. The white Vitality label helps identify which oils are safe for cooking and ingestion.

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Do you dream of a home life that’s toxin free?

Are you looking for all-natural support for your body and mind?

Do you cringe when you read labels on products and can’t pronounce anything?

Make the change to the life you crave with THERAPUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS.

You’ll be happy you did!


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