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Here you go – you’re in a mood, but what mood is that? Could be a happy day – could be a not-so-awesome day. Finding your “one word” is a popular way to define yourself. But what defines your day? Your moment? This moment? Any day is the right day for inspiration, and sometimes social media is the best place to get it and give it. After all, social media is about sharing. And sharing is caring. OK, before I get all sappy, let’s see what designs I’m sharing this week.

And you can share – see those buttons at the bottom? They are there for you. Go ahead! Share away!

Can you be inspired or are you the one providing inspiration?

Two letters that mean so much. Or so little. This word can open up so much or stop you dead in your tracks.

And forget. Or at least just forgive. Baby steps.

Every day. This is the word that gets me through the hardest challenges with others.

How i live my life.

Every moment.


Last but not least – you have to start somewhere.


These would make awesome coasters. See my tutorial link for more details. Click the images and download full size to print for crafts.

Sharing is caring!

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