So about a month ago, I saw a friend post on Instagram that she’d be participating in a 100 day challenge to create something – anything – each day. I like to join those kinds of things before I actually think it through, so I did. And immediately thought what have I gotten myself into.

I chose to showcase my graphic cards with positive messages each day. That’s a lot of design work. I had no idea if I’d be able to do 1 day let alone 100.

But guess what? I’m on day 33 how and have only been late once. Sometimes my creations are simple and some days they are more complex. And some days I do two days in a row because i know I’m not going to have time the next day. But it’s fun. And I’m sticking to it.

I invite you to visit my Instagram page and check out the hashtag #100daysofpositivethoughts. (but they aren’t all mine) Here’s a sneak peak a few of the onesĀ I’ve done so far!


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