This week we’re in the kitchen and by in the kitchen I don’t mean cooking. I only cook when it’s easy-shortcut-so-simple-even-I-can-make-it recipes. I’m talking fun kitchen printables based on popular song lyrics! You spend so much time in the kitchen, you should enjoy a little fun decor, right?

I’ve taken a few popular song lyrics (and taken a few liberties in a few cases) and paired them with common kitchen utensils. Don’t forget that our subscribers get access to additional printables for the sets. So sign up today if you haven’t to get access to subscriber-only content!

These are free to download for personal use. They are created as 8×10, but you can print them smaller if you want to frame them as smaller prints. They make great gifts!

Click the download button below!

Consider pairing them with one of the frames below.

Before you go, here’s the pinnable image to bookmark for later! You can subscribe below the image!

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