Once upon a time… Something was too familiar about our favorite tv couple. We love Chip and Joanna, but do we love them because they remind us of a magical Disney princess and her true beau-hunk love?

Then there’s the whole “paint with all the colors of the wind” thing.  Wind is pretty colorless. Joanna likes a lot of grey tones. Wind often happens on grey days – do you see what I mean?

Take a look at these pics and let me know what you think! Coincidence?

chip joanna pocahontas john smithThat look of love is in their eyes. It’s unmistakable. chip joanna pocahontas john smithOr is it the hair? Maybe it’s the hair.chip joanna pocahontas john smithIs it life imitating art or art imitating life? Or just Chip being a goofball?

chip gaines demo day

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