Do you want to learn to create chalkboard printables for free? Chalkboard prints and signs are everywhere these days. You’ll see them at weddings, shops, showers, restaurants and as part of your home decor. As you know, a lot of what you see isn’t actually chalk. It’s a digital design made with editing software – which means it’s something you can do yourself!

“But I’d rather pay big bucks for a chalkboard sign that someone else has made.”    

Um… then you go do you over there, OK?  Smart people, stick around….

I’m going to show you how easy it is to create one yourself in Picmonkey. For free. Freezer. Free bananas. All the frees.

This one is a two part process. I’m going to create a dirty chalk look by adding a lighter overlay to the background, and we have to create that first. What does “dirty chalk look” mean? My goal is to have the background look like you’ve erased some chalk on there to give it a more realistic and textured look. If you want a clean board, you can skip the overlay part.

Chalk Overlay:

Click the “Design” tab on the home page and pick your image size. I’ve done 5×7 here.

Click “Color” and click Transparent. 

Under “Effects” scroll down to Draw. Set the color at a medium grey. Choose your brush size and put the brush Hardness at 0%. Then begin drawing on the transparent screen. Don’t fill everything in completely. You want it sort of random. I also find that curved strokes look better (and more like you were erasing maybe?) than straight strokes. I promise it will work – don’t overthink it. (pro-tip, we’ve already thought about it too much – just do it)

Save this as a .PNG file and let’s move on to the background.

Chalkboard Background:

Open a new Design page (same size as above).

Now under Basic Edits, click Canvas Color and choose a dark grey. Yep, blackboards aren’t actually black. We are making ours dark grey – but you could make it any color.

On the Overlay tag, click “Add your own” and select the Chalk Overlay file you saved. That will bring in the file over the background and you can now adjust the “fade” on that overlay until you find the right blend.

You can barely see it – but you can. Will it look funny? Let’s find out. Begin adding text and based on how much you plan to add, you may even find you need to decrease the “fade” – or increase it if you aren’t a fan. Once the text is on there, it really gives it that real chalkboard  look, doesn’t it?

Here’s the finished image!!

I’ve downloaded a lot of chalk fonts and can access them in the “Yours” font section of Picmonkey anytime I want.

A quick google search of Free Chalk Fonts will take you to any number of sites, but of course there’s no need to over-work your google fingers b/c I’ve got my list of favorites right. here. for. you. I said – all the frees!

big list of free chalkboard fonts

Most are available on dafont or fontspace – just search by the name above and you should be able to find them all. KG even has a set of Wingdings in chalk format called KG Flavor and Frames Seven. 

That’s where I got the graphic in this pinnable image below!

Pin it for later!create chalkboard sign in picmonkey

Share your creations with me! You can be a designer just like I pretend to be!

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