We jumped on the bandwagon and bought an Instant Pot when they were on sale over the holidays at Amazon. Severe FOMO kicked in and we made the leap. We kept it under the tree until Christmas – and then we broke it out.

And we looked at it. And we read All The Posts. And we became a little overwhelmed.

First thing we tried was spaghetti squash. (you can see our recipe on the blog) I can honestly say we’ll never cook it any other way. No more cutting those raw squashes – you cook it whole. It’s so easy it’s insane – and I think the flavor is better.

We’re big taco fans. And I happened to have some salsa sitting around, so tried to find a recipe that would use it.┬áSo we decided to try frozen chicken. This was the justification for buying the Instant Put in the first place – no more excuses to cook.

I read a few recipes and decided to try some taco shredded chicken. We had 3 large breasts, so the only thing that concerned me was the cooking time. The problem I have with the Instant Pot is knowing if I’m cooking it long enough or too long. I wish there was a window to see inside. But then that might totally freak me out.


It worked! I’m excited to say.┬áNext time I will soak the chicken in the broth for a few minutes after shredding it to get more of those flavors in there. But it was spot on and delicious. Lots of leftovers too which is always a good thing. I just want to Instant Pot everything!


Here’s our recipe:

Instant Pot Taco Chicken

  • 3 large chicken breasts (frozen)
  • 1-2 tbs taco seasoning
  • 1 c. salsa
  • 1/2 c water (we used 1 c. here and it was way too much)

We cooked it on manual for 27 minutes with a quick release. We started with 15 minutes which is what I’d seen in recipes – but it wasn’t thoroughly cooked. So we added another 12 and it shredded perfectly. Great for tacos or burritos! Perfect for salad too!



So easy to make. And shredded like you’d cooked it in the slow cooker all day. We’ll be making this again and again!

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