I partnered with San Francisco Bay Coffee for this post. 

I spent most of my life thinking coffee at home was OK. Let’s be real – I grew up in the days of Folgers crystals and *shudders* Sanka.

We thought it was so good.

Who were we kidding?

I finally found the best coffee I’ve ever had. And surprisingly it’s single serve. I was looking on Amazon for a low-price single serve, tired of paying 50-70 cents per cup – with coffee so weak that I’d need 3 or more cups each day — just to be functional.

I read a blog post (somewhere!) that mentioned that the San Francisco Bay Coffee single serve was around 35 – 40 cents per serving and the reviews on it were excellent. “Best cup of coffee ever” excellent.

I tried it.

The reviews were right.

From that point on I was sold. It had a rich, bold (but not too bold) flavor, and I only needed 1 maybe 2 cups per day. It’s strong enough to serve it iced (my favorite way to drink coffee) –and that’s something I never thought I’d find with a K-cup, even with those specifically made for iced coffee. This blows those away.

san francisco bay coffee

My favorite is Fog Chaser. But you should try the variety pack first to find your favorite. Once you open the bag of pods, the first think you notice is the smell of the freshest coffee you can imagine. It smells like you’ve just ground the beans. Store them in an airtight container and it’s just as fresh smelling every. single. time.

Side benefit – no plastic cup. You can compost most of the pod (your plants will love you).

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.12.37 PM

I’d love to know what you think!



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