Want to give new life to your blog?  Updating a header can do the trick, especially giving it a custom painted blog header look. I’m slightly addicted to changing mine every couple weeks. Yes, you probably have no idea where you are anytime you arrive at my blog. My blog / my rules I always say.

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painted blog header download

I wanted to share a few simple headers – and guess what? You are welcome to use them for personal use – for free. What does that mean? Just don’t sell them (even modified) to anyone else without buying a license from me first. If you want to add them to your own blog or website – go for it!

I’ve even got cool instructions on how you can add your blog name to it in a free photo editing tool called Picmonkey. If you want a more muted look, take the opacity down a bit and you’ll get more of a watercolor effect.

Here is an example of what the image looks like. Shape of the paint swatch is the same for each color and each one is in almost exactly the same spot. You can crop the image to fit your header size.

I’m giving you all colors in this one zip file, so you can change it every day if you want! Or keep the blank and change up your header font. These are images – so if your blog name is brought in as text, you’ll need to insert the image without text on it – or hide your blog’s text.

If you have a problem with the download, would like a quote for a custom header (as low as $5!) email us at the address on the right under “Contact Us”

Free Download

Need help adding the title of your blog to the header? Click the image below and follow the tutorial.

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