If you found the perfect quote (maybe you even made it up yourself) and you want to create a DIY printable inspirational quote card to share on your social networks or a printable to frame and hang, it’s easier than you may think to create one worthy of Etsy – on your own! And it’s not just limited to printable pics. You can create cards and party decorations too. I’m going to show you some free, easy tips to becoming a designer!

I use Photoshop for many things, but my favorite free program is Picmonkey. Some people prefer Canva, but I find that Picmonkey gives me more flexibility to customize – and even perform some of the cool tricks that Photoshop can do. But for what we’re looking at in this simple tutorial, either free program works.

First find a background you love. I’ve got a lot of free ones to use (for personal use only) on my site. Now here’s my soapbox. Just because it’s on the Internet, doesn’t mean it’s OK to use. When using anyone’s photography or graphics, you must look for and abide by the specific terms of use. It might be listed as Terms of Use or Copyright – but it’s up to you to track it down before using or modifying anyone’s images online.

OK now on to the fun stuff. Open Picmonkey and open your background. I’m using my One Word Watercolor Background here.

Choose your text. One thing I love about Picmonkey is that you have access to all of their fonts (some require a premium or paid account) AND you can use any fonts you have on your own computer. I’ve got some really cool free handwritten fonts from dafont that I’ve downloaded and added to my library. Once you choose your font, add the text block and type in your message.

Crop it to the size you want.

And get ready to save and share! Graphics save better as a .png where photos may be better saved as a .jpg.

This is the finished page! There are a lot of features you can play with and plenty of Picmonkey tutorials on their site and other blogs.

blue breathe printable


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