I’m back with a super easy cake recipe – this time blueberry angel food cake! You know I prefer as few ingredients as possible in my cooking. This cake has it down the the bare minimum – only 2 ingredients. It can’t get much easier than that unless you want to eat the cake mix only.

Which you do not. Ask me how I know.

These are the two simple ingredients (we shopped at Aldi):

blueberry angel food cake

  • 1 box Angel Food cake mix
  • 1 can blueberry (or other) pie filling

Mix the ingredients together, pour in a pan (we used a bundt, but a 9×13 works too. Yes it’s a little purple. If you use cherry topping, it would be pink and perfect for Valentine’s day which is right around the corner!

blueberry angel food cake

Bake it according to the box mix instructions for that particular cake pan. I’ve found that cupcakes don’t really work though – the liners pull off too much of the cake.

blueberry angel food cake

This is a light, spongy cake that won’t leave a brick in your stomach. It’s not at all dry (note I’m avoiding saying the word people hate to hear that begins with “m”, but it’s totally “m**st”.

blueberry angel food cake

It’s got a tang to it, so don’t let that surprise you. We like to serve it with┬ásome whipped cream. Yummy!

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blueberry angel food cake

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