What do you do when you buy too many dollar socks at Target? You make a wreath, obviously. I used to craft every season. I made ornaments every year and always made my own wreaths. This year I’m recreating a pin of an indoor wreath on Pinterest – so simple, I might make one for every season.



All the socks I found came from the dollar spot section of Target and were really ONE DOLLAR! The only other supply needed is a foam wreath from the craft store (about 10 inches)


Cut the foam wreath form in one spot.

Cut the toes off the socks (so they’re like a tube) and slip them on the wreath form, bunching them up until you have a thickness you like. Pull the bunched socks around to cover the opening in the form.



I had some extra socks, so i decided to make a bow. To make this, remove the heel and toe leaving the tube shaped area. I was able to save the ankle strip, snip it to make one long strip and use that to tie around the tube to make a bow. I know it’s hard to explain and I took lousy photos while I was making it, so hopefully you can visualize. Blah!


Tie the bow securely around the tube and your wreath is ready to hang!


PIN IT for later!



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