I wish there were only one time of year when allergies were an issue in our home. With 3 people all allergic to a wide variety of things, someone is always feeling the effects. But fall allergies kinda hit everybody here and we never know who’s going to be sniffing from one day to the next.

We are big fans of Honeywell Air Purifiers – we had purchased one in the spring to tackle the back room which always seemed to be an issue. I think the frequent opening and closing of the back door to let the dog or kids out made it an allergen magnet. We originally tried that tower in the living room. This unit was huge – and is easily hidden in a bedroom, but took over the living room.

Recently, we were sent the Honeywell Compact AirGenius 4 AirCleaner to review and see if it helped us tackle these fall demons. This is the perfect size for our living room.

This unit is a slightly smaller version of the AirGenius 4 Tower Air Purifier. It has four settings—Sleep (the quietest), General, Allergen (what we use), and Max. For best performance use it in rooms up to 150SqFt. And Honeywell’s patented ifD® filtration system captures up to 99.9% of particles that pass through the filters – even the ones that you can’t see.

I like that it fits nicely next to our desk and doesn’t scream “I’m an air purifier”. That said, you know it’s there – it definitely produces white noise which you have to get used to. I think it was easy for us since we’re used to air systems running – and I can turn it down to the “Sleep” mode in the evenings so it’s quieter. The filter is reusable which is a money-sever. Easy cleaning instructions are included. You can purchase it for around $100 – which might be how much we spend on tissued in the fall!

What do you think?


First day we noticed a decrease in the sniffles that plague us in the fall.

Day 3 was baked chicken day, and I definitely noticed less odor (I’m not a fan of baked chicken smell!).

After a week, we don’t even notice the white noise But we do notice one thing….


He always wants pretzels – that has absolutely nothing to do with the air purifier!

See the air purifier below and check out the reviews on Amazon. (affiliate link)

2 Comments on Your Nose Knows – Dealing with Fall Allergies

  1. Beth Ann Wilson
    October 28, 2016 at 7:36 pm (2 years ago)

    I will look at this for spring. I hate taking my allergy medicine every day and this might be much needed in my house.

  2. Jenny
    October 19, 2016 at 9:53 pm (2 years ago)

    Love it and love the noses. We have an old honeywell and it works great. its louder than I wish so maybe I’ll try this.


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