Did you know that toy photography is really a thing? If you’ve been the blog over the years, you might remember my Barbie posts and photos – I thought it was just  me and something only I did for fun. Something people would think was weird (well it may have been?). But I loved using my imagination, traveling with Barbie and creating stories, bringing her into my world and telling my story through her and the styled photos I took.

But my kids weren’t super cool about big boxes of Barbies and accessories all over the house. They were teens so I get it. And so I stopped posting about them.

Now that I’m living in a house that rivals Toys R Us in the number of toys that can be found in literally every room, I found myself snapping pics with my cell phone – not of Beck playing with the toys, but of the toys and ME playing with them – setting up toyscapes. It was starting all over again.

Disney toy photography

Then I found the world of toy photography (yes, it’s a real community!) on Instagram and that was it. @themouseandmore was born. I started posting those pictures, decided to narrow my focus to Disney (those new Legos!!), Star Wars and Pixar – and now I’m having a ball. Doing what I’ve wanted to do since the Barbie years.

So here’s to new obsessions! Who can be unhappy when you’re playing with toys all day!


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