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When your kids are sick, you need reliable tools and advice. Especially when they are babies or toddlers and can’t easily explain what’s going on. Beck is one of those kids who doesn’t act sick until he’s really sick, and then we need an action plan. The Kinsa Smart Thermomenter has been a huge help to us.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa has created the first-ever FDA-cleared smartphone-connected thermometer. It easily plugs into your smartphone and reads a temperature in 10 seconds. The app allows you to track symptoms, medications, notes and pictures so you can share illness history with your doctor and caregiver. We were excited to get one to test and review.

I didn’t think we’d get to test it so quickly. When Beck woke up not wanting to eat or drink, that was an easy indicator that something was up. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer recorded a temp of 99 and then later 100.8.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Their guidance section gave tips for what to look for and what to do. It was so easy and everything is stored in the app. This is our first time using it, so we’re really excited to see how effective it is over time. I can already see the benefit in not having to remember when the fever started and how it progressed – the app will give us all the details if we go to the doctor this afternoon.

Kinsa, you have a win so far. Easy to use, no batteries (so it won’t die) and works with either IOS or Android. And it will track illnesses for each family member.

It’s currently $19.99 on Amazon and was available for Same Day Prime Delivery in the Richmond area.

Look at all these features of the Kinsa Smart Thermometer:

  • App-enabled thermometer automatically tracks fever, symptoms and more for each family member, to share with your doctor
  • Accurate temperature reading in just 10 seconds
  • Free app available on iOS and Android, with free app upgrades and new functionality added weekly
  • Compatible with iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s; Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Note 2; Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S4, S3; Nexus 6; and other devices.
  • Fun, interactive screens make it easy to take a child’s temperature

How do you take your child’s temperature?

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