I was kinda giddy when I logged in today and saw some new PicMonkey photo effects features on the Effects tab. It’d kinda be like going to Chipotle and having them tell you “the guac is NOT extra today”. You’d faint, right?

So before you faint, let’s take a look at what’s new.

Tiny is in. I’m pretty sure I’ll be living in a tiny house someday. This effect can make it happen if it doesn’t happen for me. The key is to have the right photo, which I didn’t. Something with a good depth of field and slightly overhead. But I think you can get the perspective with this photo of Beck.

Use the Miniature setting and adjust the focal point to fit your soon-to-be tiny object.miniaturize - PicMonkey photo effects

And the actual photo: (looks like I could squish him between my fingers)

tiny beck with PicMonkey photo effects

There are some new Black and White features. Play around with the features and you can create some cool B&W effects. What kind of picture would you like to make black and white?

editing black and white pictures with PicMonkey photo effects
Super B&W
editing black & white pictures with PicMonkey photo effects
editing black and white pictures with PicMonkey photo effects

What better way to play with the mirror effect than with circus photos! This comes in handy when you are making a collage and something is facing the wrong way to fit with the other pictures. It also works good if you are making a header or another type of graphic.

mirror pictures in PicMonkey photo effects mirror pictures with PicMonkey photo effects

This one’s kinda sketchy. Literally. I created one in Black & White, and one with some of the color peaking through. I love this and will play with it on some portrait ideas I have for (guess??) photos of Beck.

picture sketch with PicMonkey photo effects picture sketch with PicMonkey photo effects

These Picmonkey photo effects are premium features, but they are worth it if you like to play with photos. Have fun, go crazy and I’d love to see what you create!

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