A few weeks ago we applied and were selected by MomSelect to host a Disney Kids Playdate and were challenged to bring the magic of Walt Disney World to life in our homes.

It was an awesome day.

Even at 3, Beck remembers friends from his old school and is super excited when he gets to see them. And you can be sure, the imaginations run wild.

Even though he doesn’t see them every day anymore, jumping into play is like they’ve never been separated. It’s like they have their own special magic. 

Disney Kids Playdate

The party pack was full of activities and party supplies to introduce the kids (and their moms) to an adventure vacation with toddlers at WDW. We decided to explore our own Animal Kingdom by hosting a backyard safari – just like the Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari. Well, as close as we could get to it with, you know, plastic animals and an overgrown backyard.

Read about our experience at the actual Animal Kingdom.

The Lion Guard for Disney Kids Playdate

But before we take off on our adventure… What’s a playdate without snacks? If your toddler is like ours, he starts eating when he gets out of bed and doesn’t stop until he goes to bed that night. Turkey and ham Mickey sandwiches were perfect for little fingers. Jake hats and Sofia crowns were a hit and definitely NOT OPTIONAL!

disney kids food for a Disney Kids Playdate

Goldfish and teddy bear snacks were great pre-game for our safari adventure. And the funny scratch and sniff book kept Beck’s and his buddies’ smellers on their A-Game. I mean you need to know what puppy breath smells like if you find one in the wild!

disney kids snacks for a Disney Kids Playdate

When we ventured outside for our safari, we didn’t expect to encounter so many animals in our backyard!


disney kids safari for a Disney Kids Playdate

GOT ONE HERE! Climbed the mountain (well, the slide) and here he was. When did zebras learn to climb?

disney kids safari for a Disney Kids Playdate

This guy was almost daring us to find him. He might even be waving.

disney kids safari for a Disney Kids Playdate

This guy is hiding in all the leaves Mommy hasn’t had time to rake yet. Excellent plan.

disney kids safari for a Disney Kids Playdate

After the safari, we came inside to play some games. Disney charades was a hit – I mean who doesn’t want to act goofy like GOOFY or quack like DONALD DUCK!

disney kids game for a Disney Kids Playdate

We gave everyone a super cool map that shows what you can do with a toddler at Walt Disney World as well as some other cool goodies.

Walt Disney World bag for a Disney Kids Playdate

In addition to the Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom, top on our list of the fun things we want to do at the park include:

  • Hollywood Studios – Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine
  • Epcot – The Seas with Nemo & Friends (because we can’t wait for Finding Dory!)
  • Magic Kingdom – Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (OK, this is a personal Gigi favorite)
  • Disney Springs – DJ Kids Dance Party

Don’t tell B that our trip is already planned for this year and we’ll be putting that map to good use. We’ll update you in a few months on all the fun events and rides and food and … I don’t even know what, I just know we can’t wait to surprise him!

Love Disney? Here’s a lot more information about Disney you can read.

Thanks to MomSelect and Walt Disney World along with sponsors American Tourister, All Detergent, Banfield, Nesquick, HP and Glad bags for a fun home party event.

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  1. Kira T
    March 27, 2016 at 7:14 pm (3 years ago)

    You guys look like you had a blast! I can’t wait to take my kiddos….7 more weeks!


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