I don’t live for Marshmallow Peeps the way some people do. I understand mad love for marshmallow, but I just don’t feel it when it comes to the Peeps. But I now have to preface that with Peeps in the box, because we made one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long time for our Easter lunch.

Peeps S’mores.

peeps smores6

I want to thank whoever originally thought this up and thank the million other people who put this on Pinterest so we could find it and make it and prepare to die happy.

It’s simple.

Take a pan and spread peanut butter on the bottom.

peeps smores1

Now sprinkle chocolate chips over that.

peeps smores2

peep smores3

Cover the pan with Peeps.

peeps smores4

peeps smores5

Realize you have too many Peeps and make another pan. This time allowing your toddler to make one┬áby himself because it’s that easy.

peeps smores91

peeps smores91

When you are ready to bake, keep an eye on them – you’ll need their heads to toast a little until it’s all melted.

peeps smores7

Scoop it up with a graham cracker

peeps smores8

Or two to make a sandwich.

peeps smores9

Remember to share. That’s the hardest part of the whole dessert. Or Zerts as Beck likes to call them. Gotta have our Zerts.

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