Maggie and Beck in the snowI can’t explain that feeling of watching your grandson come into the world. Of holding him. Of watching him grow up and become a person. As a co-worker of mine always says, “it’s a beautiful thing.” I can’t explain it because those words don’t exist. You can’t put a number on it and typical words don’t seem to do it justice. You’ll know it when you get to experience it, and I hope you do.

To be a part of his life is wonderful. it’s magical and fulfilling and real. More real than anything I’ve experienced since my own kids were young. There’s something about being a part of and watching a personality develop that makes you feel more alive than anything else could. And this is round 2 for me.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my life and my purpose lately, because, let’s be honest, at 54¬†it’s winding down. I have chosen to not get too caught up in reflecting but to look forward and enjoy the moments ahead. There’s so much past that I could live in (and have spent a lot of time wallowing in), but so much future left to enjoy. I’m in the moment and it feels good.

So Maggie is my baby. And my baby is a mom. I look at her every day interacting with Beck and am amazed at what a wonderful mother she is. And at how much Beck loves and respects her. She doesn’t stop at just being there for him. Parenting is her first priority – 100%. She’s his world, and he shines when he’s around her. I can’t stop thinking, every time I see them together, how much she gets it. How wonderful she is with him. And yes, how much better she is at parenting than I feel I ever was. She has a gift, and I’m convinced it’s why she was chosen to have him when she did. She’s made him the wonderful kid he is, but he’s taught her so much more about herself.

Like most moms, she doesn’t give herself enough credit. But I see how wonderful their relationship is with every interaction she has with him and I see her growing in her relationship with other people, including me. Watching her be the mom she is – how loving and patient and committed she is – I believe¬†makes me a better grandparent. In all of this, I’m the lucky one. And I’ll never take one moment of this for granted.

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  1. Sharon
    March 7, 2016 at 11:37 pm (3 years ago)

    What a sweet post. I’m so glad you all have each other.


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