I love love love my Keurig 2.0 (I’ve got the 450 – affiliate). But my biggest complaint with K-Cups over the years is that 1. they are expensive and 2. they make a weaker cup of coffee. Even on the Strong setting, I’m not getting enough of a hit in the morning.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.12.37 PM

That changed when I found San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCup (affiliate). I originally tried the variety pack, but have settled on the Fog Chaser as my favorite stronger blend and the Rainforest Blend as my milder blend. But that could change tomorrow because I’m a fan of the French Roast too.

What’s different about these cups?

  1. They are not K-Cups, but they are compatible with most single serve brewers. (however not the Keurig Vue)
  2. The bottom is a filter which is why you get such a robust flavor. No stick hole in the bottom which means that no grinds get out. I have had a small residue in the bottom of my cup, but not coffee grinds.
  3. Coffee flavor. You can taste it. You’ll never want to use a K-Cup again. And if you like iced coffee like me, this means you can Keurig and ice it without losing all the flavor!
  4. On Amazon, they are one of the least expensive coffees out there – ringing in at 35-45 cents per serve.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.11.50 PM

From their site:

Our approach to farming, milling, roasting, packaging and selling coffee is different than any other company. By going straight to source, we are able to focus on farming innovations that preserve natural habitats, yielding a better tasting product. We focus on packaging improvements to reduce the environmental impact even further and we constantly focus on quality control. All of this combined, improves the lives of everyone we do business with.

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