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We’ve been back and forth over the years on coffee makers. But before Christmas, we found a great deal on a Keurig at Sam’s Club and decided to ditch the pot for the single serve. And that started the quest for the best deal on K-Cups. If you’ve ever priced them, they are all over the board and can cost over $1 per cup. Add to that the fact that you’ll probably need 2-3 in the morning (or is that just me??) and you might as well go to Starbucks.

So what are the tricks? (note, affiliate links are added – thanks for supporting this site!)

Amazon is your best friend:

Prices on Amazon are all over the place, but I’ve found a few brands that are 1. good and 2. consistently priced in the $.30 – .40 range.

  • And if you Subscribe and Save, you get an extra 5% – up to 15% if you get 5 or more deliveries per month.
  • Get the Amazon Store Card and all your purchases are 5% off as well! That’s crazy savings.

San Francisco Bay OneCup. Keep an eye on them as the prices do fluctuate, and you might be able to catch them on the low end. The French Roast and Fog Chaser are our favorites. Their cups are different – more like filters, and I’ve seen complaints that people end up with coffee grounds in their cup. I’ve not had that happen any more often than it has with a regular K-Cup. Buy the 80 count to bring your cost to between $0.30-.40.

Caza Trail: Look for the family size packages- they are 100 count and get your cost to between $0.30-.40.

Other brands to keep an eye on:

Java Factory 80 Count

Add Ebates to the mix!

Find a deal you like on K-Cups and shop through Ebates where you get even more off in the form of Cash Back. For instance, Office Max will earn you 4% back and will earn you 4% as well – and you can look for K-Cups on sale – which I’ve seen from time to time. And around the holidays you might find double cash back on certain stores.

Raise Gift Card Buy and Sell:

K-Cups are available for purchase at many different stores and as you find a deal at Target, Office Max or other big box store, check out the prices on Raise for discounted gift cards. Their prices are reduced sometimes as high as 10-20% and that can mean big savings for you on K-Cups or any purchase. You have to keep an eye on them though as gift card discounts change daily – sometimes by the minute! And the cash back site Shop At Home gives you 1% back on Raise purchases! If you are using the gift card online, don’t forget to check Ebates to see if you can save even more!

So Shop At Home > Raise > Buy Store Gift Card > Ebates > Redeem Gift Card = BIG SAVINGS!! Do you have a rewards credit card? Use that to buy the gift card and add even more to the savings!

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