I don’t cook much, but I’m not a bad cook. I just prefer to NOT cook and with so many options today (such as living with a daughter who enjoys cooking!) I’m not stressing about it.

Many people find inspiration in food and beverage and cooking. So what better way to capture that than quotes on cards? You may have noticed that I like making them. It’s a therapy of sorts. A few of them make great Valentines – if you have the right person with the right sense of humor to send it too! Hope you enjoy!

Because wine.

I love wine i need wine

Because chocolate.

Forget love id rather fall in chocolate

Because coffee.

benefits of coffee

Because cake.

party without cake is just a meeting

Because you are what you eat.

you are what you eat

If you like these here are a lot more Inspirational Quotes that you are welcome to share!

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