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Cheap holidays are a great way to enjoy some much deserved rest without breaking the bank. For those travelling with a limited budget, take a look at these helpful tips on how to save money on your next family holiday.

When to go

Remaining flexible on your dates can save a hefty amount, as much as 10-15% off the holiday price. Avoid peak season dates such as the summer holidays. Demand during this period is high and so is the price. Consider dates during the winter months at any opportunity when the kids have time off school. But always research your chosen destination during this time. The climate may be less than favorable and local attractions could be closed.

Booking flights

Price comparison sites can be a great way to grab a bargain, especially if you book well in advance. Alternatively, search for last minute offers which are set to expire soon. You may be able to book that luxury, all-inclusive retreat for half the cost.

Where to go

The main tourist hot spots can often be the most expensive places to visit. Consider more unique and lesser known destinations for you next family getaway. These may include lower cost countries such as Vietnam, Thailand or India. There’s year round sunshine, plenty of great attractions to explore and they offer a cultural insight which the whole family will enjoy.

Where to stay

Renting a property is a great low cost alternative to staying in a hotel. With so many holiday rental websites, finding that perfect retreat has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a beachside villa or city center apartment, there’s something for everyone. You’ll be surprised at the reduced cost, which can often be cheaper than a budget B&B. It can also offer greater flexibility and the option to self-cater. With your own kitchen and facilities, you can enjoy home cooked meals without the added expense of eating out.

Packing tips

We’re all guilty of packing far too much when it comes to that holiday in the sun. Whilst you want to be comfortable during your stay, it may not be necessary to take the entire contents of your wardrobe. With a whole family to consider, don’t make the mistake of over packing. You may blow the budget before you have even left by paying for excessive baggage fees. Always check your airlines baggage allowance before leaving the house and use a luggage scale to check you’re within the limit.

Following these simple steps and planning in advance can save some of your hard earned cash. That means more spending money for holiday fun or you can save for that rainy day.

Sharing is caring!

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