Skip Hop? Always the innovator. Last year about this time, we featured a new product from them – you might remember Baby’s First Slot Machine. This year’s product, released TODAY will easily sell out because it’s inspired by baby’s favorite TV show, Game of Thrones.

So we introduce TODAY, the FIRST of APRIL …

It’s the perfect potty tool to help those who are having trouble with their potty training – whether it’s fear of the unknown

pressure from your siblings that are already throne-ready

or just plain stubbornness.

We all know there’s no shame in not quite grasping the concept of using the potty.

Let’s be real – we don’t want to push anyone to the potty until they are ready. But don’t you think a chance to sit on A GAME OF THRONES REPLICA will give your toddler that extra bit of courage and excitement allowing them to succeed.

I know you can’t wait to purchase it. Me either. We know Beck is a little Prince, and now he can live like royalty as he masters the art of Pee and Poo while learning that poor aim could have sad consequences.




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