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Did you ever wish you could see the rug in your room before you buy it? Your wish can become a reality with the website Polyvore.

If you don’t know the site, it’s a fashion and home decor site that allows you to pin items on the web for use in sets that you create. So I can find any piece (or similar) of furniture I have and add it to my items. Or I can search to find items that are similar.

Which is what I’ve done here.

I’ve been looking for a rug for my bedroom. I have those curtains, the wall color is ‘close’,  I have a mix of brown and black furniture and I have a grey comforter. So I went to and picked out some grey rugs – thinking that’s the best fit. I added and arranged the furniture and then clipped and added each of the rugs I liked. This is what I got.

Isn’t it cool?

Based on these photos, I like #3. Matches the curtains, furniture and yes, even Penny Lane, the best. I know it’s not exact, but it was a good way to waste an hour and the results are kinda cool.


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1 Comment on Pick Your Rug – With Polyvore

  1. Lauralee Hensley
    March 8, 2015 at 4:13 pm (4 years ago)

    Cool tool to use. I like your third rug the best though because of the pattern compared to the curtain pattern. The others are nice as well, but I think the third rug pick is very nice.


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