Remember a while back I took the Toyota Venza for a test drive?  That was a super cool car and I immediately fell in love. Now I’m similarly gaga over the Camry XSE that I was able to test drive last week. But then I’m a Toyota girl. I’ve been driving my daughter’s Prius for a while now and I think we’ve officially traded cars for good.

My first car was an orange Toyota station wagon. It was like driving a dreamsicle. Who wouldn’t want to drive that when they’re 16?

So my first thoughts on the 2015 Camry XSE are “holy loaded mobile.” Backup camera, side mirror blindspot indicators, XM radio, seat warmers, sun roof… just to name a few. And tons of room for me and B:

All the new features that come with cars today give me the itch for something new.

We took the opportunity to take the Camry on the roadtrip for Thanksgiving.

It easily carted all the food to Caro’s house for Thanksgiving dinner in the back seat – turkey and all. Granted it’s a short ride, but we’re carrying a baby and all that goes with him too.

Thank you Toyota! We were given a gift card and car to drive for the week to share our experiences with you.

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