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What happens when 3 toddlers get together in a house full of food, fun, and CAKE?

Complete and utter happiness – and sugar rush. One big sugar rush.

Beck hosted a #DisneyKids party this past weekend – and Mommy andGigi used the event to celebrate his birthday. Because why not?

They had a treasure hunt in the Kinetic sand for (rubber) canon balls, gold coins and used the telescopes to get a really good look. This was a big hit. You are seeing the sand pre-toddler mayhem.  We had so much fun with sand that the other moms (and one dad) added it to the Santa lists for their kids.

Then they ate cake.

And snacks.

And then they ate more cake. Beck more than most. In fact he started to dig into the cake before two of his friends got any.

It was his birthday after all. And he was just being a PIRATE. I’m sure Jake would have approved!

We received a party kit from Disney (sponsor) to host a Disney Kids playdate. Thanks to Beck’s friends for coming and eating enough cake that we didn’t have any left. Maybe that was mostly Beck. Not sure. Either way, we all had a great time!

Additionally we shared a Disney Vacation Planning video with the moms and dad (and gave them all one to take home). Next year Beck will have his first Disney trip – and we can’t wait. February can’t come soon enough!






Sharing is caring!

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