My daughter and I have the same conversation with my 2 year old grandson, Beck every morning and evening when we pick up the remote to watch TV.

“Choo choo?”


Fortunately we speak toddler. Choo choo is Thomas the Tank Engine, Dobby is Yo Gaba Gaba.

We have a variety of content options – Amazon Prime, Netflix, and FiOS On Demand. But they aren’t necessarily enough different episodes to maintain our sanity.  And Beck lives in a bit of a sandbox, and since he’s not in control of his environment, he only knows what we share with him.

Still, he’s a loyal customer. He tried it and he liked it.

Like any good marketer,  we shared what WE thought he’d like.

We arrived at the recommendation through analysis. I mean “he likes this sticker or this toy, so he should like the show”  right?

We’ve since shared other TV shows with him and he’ll watch for maybe 2 minutes then we hear the repetitious chant demanding his TV favorites: “Choo choo? Dobby?

So we try all kinds of tricks to win him over. “Oh but you love Mickey – you watched it the other day. Or try watching a little Doc. It’s even better than Choo Choo.”

In other words, we try to reason with a 2 year old.

He’s not swayed by outside forces or by our persistence. He likes what he likes because… well, he likes it.

It’s his innocence about the whole thing that makes it really cool to observe. There’s no peer pressure to like something else. He’s basing it totally on content and his likes and dislikes. And he’s not afraid to go after what he wants or to let us know when he’s had enough and is ready to move on.

We didn’t have to build that brand loyalty. Neither did the Thomas or Yo Gabba folks. It’s purely organic. We know it’s a short window of time to enjoy that innocence. Eventually peer pressure and external advertising will lead him to WANT other things, not because of the content itself, but because other people have made him think he should like it.

You know, when he’s 3.


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