Traveling with children has its ups and downs. On one hand, you’ve got the new experiences shared with your loved ones and all the memories that come along with it. On the other hand, you’ve got the stress of impatient children who somehow have to use the bathroom every thirty minutes. That being said, the hassle of traveling with kids, no matter what age, can be kept at a minimum with these tricks and tips.

How to travel by plane

In terms of pure stress levels, this is the toughest on parents. A loud, enclosed space with little room to move is not a recipe for calm children, especially if they are very young. The biggest cause of discomfort and crying are the changes in altitude. This can cause a sharp pain in the head for many people, not just children. The easiest wayto prepare for this is to give the kids a piece of gum before take-off and landing. The action of chewing allows for the ears to pop, alleviating the pressure in their ears. That aside, it’s a good idea to take a tablet and plug into a film or game.

How to travel by car

This is the most common way to get around, and also the most convenient. Here, you can bring all manner of snacks, games, and any other form of entertainment your family may enjoy. If you have toddlers, good car seats are a must, as not only do they keep them safe, but also comfortable during a long ride, and you can easily pick one up from stores like Tesco. A fun way to bond is through car games such as I Spy and 20 questions. Not only will they pass the time, but it’s a memory that will stick with your kids as they grow up.

How to travel by bus

Traveling by bus with a child is could be described as a mixture of a car and a plane journey. You’ve got the crowds of a plane, but with the freedom of a car. As such, the same tips as a car apply, but without the loud games. Electronic entertainment is still recommended, as you’d be surprised at how much time they’ll spend staring at a screen and you can always take some headphones.

Other tips and tricks

Give them an age appropriate camera. This encourages them to pay attention to their surroundings and find what interests them. Plus, it gives parents a peek into to world from their children’s eyes, and you just might find out something new about them.

Once you get to your destination, most children will love the novelty of traveling by train or boat, and look forward to new travel.Above all else, enjoy it. Children grow up too fast, and traveling seems to strengthen the bond between families.

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