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We had the opportunity to visit Kings Dominion the other day. It was Beck’s first time and the first time I’d been since the new Snoopy land had opened. My days at KD go back to the 80s, so it was fun to share this with my grandson. I love that KD is a close drive for us. When my kids were young we’d get season passes and frequently go after work for just an hour or two for a little summer fun. I can see us doing that with Beck next year.

He didn’t quite know how much fun this would be….

There were planes.

There were trains.

There were automobiles but we didn’t ride in them.

But we rode the train a lot. 

Because why wouldn’t we?

Next year we’ll ride the swings and spinny boat and cars. There’s a ton of stuff to do in the Snoopy Land, including meeting the real deal. 

Beck was OK with him…

Well almost OK. Maybe next year.

Sweet Frog allergen free frozen treats made it all seem fine.

Water too MOM! We need to hydrate!

We want to thanks Kings Dominion for our fun day at the park. We’ll see you next year!

There’s still time to enjoy their 40th anniversary year. Make sure you check out their 40th Anniversary site!

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