Month: June 2014

Gravity is not your friend. Defy it.

I’ll just put it out there. Every time I stand up from sitting down for any period of time I can’t get to the bathroom fast enough. I blame gravity. And being 52. But mostly gravity. It’s not always instantaneous – sometimes after standing up, I live in a 30 second gravity-less vortex, so I have to wait […] Read more…

Toddler Turkey & Veggie Loaves – Egg Free

Since Beck was identified with allergies, some of our favorite foods needed a re-think and a re-do. One of our favorite was the Turkey & Veggie meatloaves. Eggs are the problem now so we found a way to make them without. In this case we used mashed potatoes (made without milk) and a little oil […] Read more…

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