#AmandasArmy is Kicking Cancer’s Ass – Inspirational Quotes


I want you to meet my friend Amanda. She’s fun and crazy and owns the room with her energy and silliness and happiness. She makes you happy.

And she’s battling Stage 3 breast cancer at age 32. It’s not fair. It sucks.

But she’s strong and she has a whole internet full of blogging friends pulling for her.  As a blogger group we don’t take this crap without making a big stink online. It’s what we do. We rally our troops. And now we have Amanda’s Army hitting the front lines, praying and spreading the word.

She’ll make it. We won’t let her not make it. So I made these quotes for her – I know she’s strong enough and can do this. Amanda, you can do this.

Now before you look at these quotes, click over there on the sidebar and donate to Amanda to help her family out or shop at this CAFEPRESS shop. Can’t help now? Come back on payday. I’ll still be here.

And so will Amanda. Kick Ass girl.

These images are yours to steal for blog posts or social posts as long as you help spread the word.

amandas army kick cancers ass


amandas army kick cancers ass 3



amandas army fight cancer 1

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  2. We’ll be praying for Amanda. I am 35 and am a Cancer Survivor. People battling Cancer are so close to my heart.

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