It’s time to purge aka spring clean aka get all the crap you don’t want out of the house. I’m excited for spring because it means yard sales are back in business. So maybe you are planning one, or maybe you just want a fresh start in a clean home. I know I do and I’ve only been in my place for 8 months.

There are a few quick and dirty (no pun intended) things you can do right now, right this minute – well after you finish reading the post – that will have you feeling one step closer to clean. And I’m not going to beat around the bush here. You have some crap to throw away right now.


Yes we love the cute ones, yes we are convinced the other mate will show up some day. Time to cut our losses and toss the unmatched. LETITGO. Then head to Target and buy a pack of 12 for under $10. Good as new.

Lotions, shampoos, soaps etc.

These have a 12-24 month expiration, so if you’ve been hoarding those half used hotel lotions since BlogHer ’11, time to toss them in the trash. Or dump them and use the bottles for travel. But anything that you don’t remember opening w/in the past year should probably go.


I find them all over the place. One or two AAs and can’t remember why they are in the drawer or bag. Are they good? Or did I not throw them away so I could dispose of them properly. Time to do the latter and get rid of them. And here’s a note to Duracell – Please develop packaging that makes it easy to store the packs and pop out one individual battery at a time. I have ideas that could save everyone’s sanity.


For the love of ketchup. Take a look on the inside of you refrigerator door. I again go by the rule that if I can’t remember opening it, it needs to go. When you add up the number of times you took that ketchup or jelly or mayo out, set it on the table for an hour or two, then popped it back in the fridge… well maybe it’s something we can replace at least every few months. Easy way to remember? Put some tape on the bottom when you first open it with the date on it.


When did you last replace these? While you are picking up the socks or condiments above, grab some new scrubbers. In fact buy about 4 and replace one week. We also throw ours in the dishwasher every time we run a load to make sure they get cleaned.

Good luck and happy purging!

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