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Two years ago, on September 9, 2011, I crashed my car. I loved that car so much and it was impossible to replace it, but I had to. I needed a way to go back and forth to my school in North Carolina. I was blessed to get a brand new Mazda 3 to get me through the next few years of college, or so we thought.

Then I had a baby.

While my Mazda was a fantastic car, it no longer fit my lifestyle. From the day I first installed the carseat, it was a pain in the butt to get child in and get going. A few heads were bumped on entry, too(sorry, Beck). Only I could drive my car because I am the shortest in my family; the car seat blocked the driver seat from moving back. In short, nothing fit. I worked on it for a year, waiting for an opportunity that was worth trading in my vehicle for something a bit bigger.

Well, y’all. It’s here. I’ve upgraded, and lowered my payments. *insert dance break here*

Welcome to the family, Hyundai Santa Fe!

She’s an older model (but she don’t care, she’s just as lovely) but the car came to me super clean and with rubber mats!

I love the grey interior that won’t show¬†as much dirt from the babe as my previous black interior, which showed everything. And, did I mention how pretty it is? It’s also functional with a double compartment center console to hold and hide all of my junk.

As for the driving experience, I am going from itty bitty Mazda3 to a Mid-size crossover SUV, even though driving it might not feel like it. I love that it doesn’t feel like I’m driving a huge truck, and I and definitely park it better than I can my mom’s longer vehicle.

This is a great car that I can safely say will grow with me and my little family through the years. Plus, Beck really likes it!

Welcome to the Fam! (Still looking in to names. It has to be perfect!)

Sharing is caring!

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